Volodymyr Dobrovolskyy

Freelancer. Full Stack web developer with background in marketing.


  • Професійні видання


    Digital journals and services.

    2019 → … : Full-Stack development, SEO

  • Callme Бухгалтер


    Consulting for accountants. Landing page, lead and order tracking system, invoice generation, admin panel for multiple user roles.

    2020: Full Stack development

  • Сайт Евгения Ильина


    Author's personal page. Book previews, order form, gallery, admin panel.

    2019: Full Stack development, design, SEO

  • hammer.ua


    HAMMER journal's website.
    Articles, news, events.

    2019: Full Stack development, design, SEO

  • Closed



    Digital publisher, event information and registrations, landing pages.

    2015 → 2020: Strategy, team leading, UI/UX, SEO


    TL;DR: I usually understand what the business needs from a digital marketing standpoint and how to do it from a developer's.

    WI will help to bring your next bold idea to life. Experienced working with publishers and event-hosting companies, so I'm familiar with in-house workflows in these spheres.

    I'm building websites using Django + Vue.js, but familiar with other popular frameworks like WordPress also. For front-end design, I'm using UIkit mostly. Here are some good examples from its developers. These tools help to try new ideas easily and adapt to changing business needs.

    I've got experience in SMM, email marketing, and technical SEO. The finished site can be connected to other services: chat-bots, Facebook lead forms, or your email marketing service i.e.

    Why not Wordpress / Drupal / Tilda?
    These are good tools for their tasks, but if you need something non-standard, some limitations and nuances may come up.

    I've had cases where a project starts as a simple landing page and then grows into a full-fledged web service.

    What you should think about beforehand:

    What address will the site have?
    Is it a new site or it must replace the already working one? If you don't have an address, I can help in registering one.
    Where will the site be hosted?
    Can you or your company provide resources or should we use cloud hosting from Amazon or Google?
    How many languages are you planning to support?
    How much of the content is ready and in what format? If the site must be multilingual, it should be accounted for during the planning stage.
    How will the design process be organized?
    Do you have a mockup ready, or should we build from scratch? How often are you planning to make changes?
    Who will be responsible for further support?
    Depending on the site's complexity, even changing already published content may need certain skills. The less experienced the site admins are, the more work needs to be done to create instruments for them. If you are working in e-commerce or with users' personal data, installing security updates is a must.